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Want to Bring your Thai Partner, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Fiancé, Fiancée or Spouse to Australia?

For peace of mind, specialist advice and quality service. Book an appointment with Sophos Migration Specialist.


Our Perth Based Registered Migration Agent, Anna Molina has helped many couples continue their romance in Australia. She will take the stress out of the Visa application process by guiding you through the process in English and Thai.

Which Visa Pathway should my Thai Partner apply for?

There are a variety of options available to you when thinking of bringing your partner to Australia the most common methods are:

Vistor Visa; Holiday Visa; Tourist Visa; Short Stay Visa; 3 month; Fling; Thai Fling; Thai Romance; Sublass 600

For the GF/BF "just dating" relationship

 Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)

Prospective Marriage; Subclass 300; Fiance Visa; Engaged; Engagement; Thai

For the Lover

 Prospective Marriage Visa
(Subclass 300)

Partner; Marriage; Spouse; De facto; 12 months; long term; permanent; visa for my thai wife

For the Mr/Mrs

 Partner Visa

(De facto or Married)

Why Risk being apart from your partner longer than you need to be?

Each Visa pathway has its own requirements that need to be met in order to be approved. Whilst, the process may seem straight forward, the devil is in the detail of the application and in your specific personal circumstances. If a case does not meet the strict requirements of the visa type applied for it will be rejected and you could find yourself out of money and without your loved one by your side.


Why risk being apart from your loved one for longer than you need to? Not to mention waste your time researching for the required forms, compiling your documents, presenting a case and paying for the application? Using Sophos Migration Specialist, saves you the hassle and provides you with specialist advice from someone who has successfully helped others get their Thai partners to Australia.

At Sophos we understand the process and speak your language

Anna Molina, Registered Migration Agent Perth, Sophos Migration Specialist, Thai Speaking

RMA Anna Molina

MARN 1461034

Principal Migration Agent 

Sophos Migration Specialist

Anna Molina, the principal migration agent for Sophos Migration Specialist, is Thai born and Australian Educated. She is the only Thai registered Agent in WA.


She has been through the migration process herself and has helped many Australians bring there Thai partners to Australia.


Anna is the only Thai registered migration agent in Perth, Western Australia. This means she is qualified to give you migration advice and will be able to advise you and your Thai partner in both English and Thai. This takes out the stress of having to learn the process and then trying to explain it to your Thai partner.

See What Our Thai Partner Visa Clients have said...


Bridging Visa B


"The customer service was very good, as Anna was really kind, helpful and nice. I was very happy with the experience and would gladly recommend her to other people. I am loving life in Australia with my husband."



Partner Permanent Residence Visa


" Anna answered all my phone calls immediately and was very quick to respond to any of my questions and queries. I would rate the customer service and experience 10/10. I have even told other people such as my friends, workmate, and family about the business. I'm loving my job. I'm very happy and doing great in Australia."