Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa 870

We have heard the rumors of this Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa aka TSPV (Subclass 870) for over 2 years now. Feel free to read the summary below and contact us to discuss further.


The Law (for those craving to read the clauses)

Legislative Instrument- F2019L00551 - Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa and Other Measures) Regulations 2019


Visa Features Summary

  • "Balance of Family Test" not required. It does not matter how many children you have that are in Australia versus those that are not in Australia.

  • Quota 15,000 places/year

  • Maximum 10 years of cumulative stay

  • No requirement to depart Australia while the visa stil valid

  • Multiple entries facility

  • Before being able to apply for another TSPV:

    • The sponsor must re-apply to be a family sponsored

    • The parent must have been outside of Australia for at least 90 days consecutively Exemptions are available in limited circumstances.

  • Condition 8103 - no work

  • Must have adequate health insurance while in Australia

  • The TSPV 870 is a temporary visa which does not lead to permanent residency. While in Australia, the parent will be prohibited from applying for these visas:

    • Parent 

    • Aged Parent

    • Contributory Parent

    • Contributory Aged Parent

    • Contributory Parent (Temporary)


Application Charges

  • Sponsorship Application $420

  • 3-year TSPV

    • 1st Installment payable at the time of application $1,000

    • 2nd Installment payable before visa grant $4,000

  • 5-year TSPV

    • 1st Installment payable at the time of application $1,000

    • 2nd Installment payable before visa grant $9,000


  • Sponsorship applications are opened on 17 April 2019.

  • Sponsorship approval is required before a visa application.

  • Sponsors can appeal if they have been refused.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Can be the biological child, adopted child or step-child of the parent.

  • Must hold Australian citizenship, permanent residency or be an eligible New Zealander that are not "ineligible".

  • Can sponsor up to 2 parents at a time.

  • Minimum household annual taxable income $83,454.80 in the recent financial year.

  • Able to demonstrated accessible fund to support the parent(s) during their stay in Australia. Immigration has yet to release the exact figure required.

  • No bonds required.


Sponsorship Obligation

  • Responsible for the parent's medical costs including any public health debts incurred by the parent during their stay in Australia, before their departure and/or before they have been granted Australian permanent residency.

  • Support the parent financially and provide accommodation.

  • Keep a record and provide it if requested.

  • Inform Immigration of certain events e.g. if the sponsor has been convicted with a crime or have been issued an AVO or is in debt to the government. 

  • Agree to disclose criminal history, especially history related to family violence.

  • Agree for Immigration to share their data with other government agencies.

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Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa 870

April 9, 2019

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