2016 Federal Budget - Impact on Immigration

The 2016 - 2017 Australian Federal Budget will have an impact on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and in turn your visa and migration in Australia. Released on the 3rd of May 2016, the budget caused both good and bad changes to the migration industry.

Impact 1 - Visa Frameworks and Processing

The Australian government will achieve efficiencies of $180 million by

  • reforming the visa and migration framework (e.g. Simplified Student Visa Framework),

  • improving self-automation in visa processing for low-risk applications,

  • providing self-service options, and

  • using more sophisticated assessment capabilities.

Warning - Although self-service options are available, applicants should still seek professional advice to avoid falling into costly traps hidden in the complex underlying legislation and policy that are ever changing.

Impact 2 - Increase Revenue DIBP total income will be increased by more than $10,000 million.

  • encouragement of more visa applications,

  • trial tourist visa arrangements in key markets including user-pays fast track services (nationals from India and United Arab Emirates),

  • trial of a 3-year multiple entry visa (low risk immigration nationals from India, Chile, Vietnam and Thailand), and

  • possibility of increasing visa application charges.

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Impact 3 - Helping Migrants

$10.9 million will be spent over three years from 2016/2017 to help recently arrived migrants ‘strengthen their sense of belonging to Australian society and to increase social and economic participation’

  • Settlement services such as the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) will see reforms to improve participation, English proficiency and employment outcomes.

  • The government will increase spending by $5.7 million to the Community Hubs program to help newly arrived migrants connect with communities and

  • a $5.2 million increase will be invested into a career pathways pilot program to support newly arrived migrants in learning vocational level English and support their employment potential.

Talk to us today to see if you are eligible or how to be eligible to receive these services.

Impact 4 - Airport Fees

Airport operators will be charges a commercial fee to provide premium border clearance services for international air passengers, initially at Sydney, Perth and Melbourne airports.

  • While this means faster services at the airports, it may also mean increase in airport fees for you.

Impact 5 - Backpackers

Backpackers will pay 32.5 cents in every dollar earned in Australia from 01/07/2016.

  • Working Holiday visa holders

  • Work and Holiday visa holders

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Impact 6 - PR Places

2016 – 2017 will see up to 190 000 places available for permanent migrations

  • 128 550 places for skilled migrations

  • 57 400 places for family migration

  • 565 places available under the special eligibility stream

  • Of these at least 3485 places will be for child category migrants

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Impact 7 - Australian Passport Fee Increase

  • The cost of an Australian passport will be increased by $20, from January 01/01/2017.

  • The fee for priority processing of passport applications will increase to $181.

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