Migrants Rights in Australia - Stop Domestic Violence

Migrant Communities in Australia have been the target of anti-violence campaigns over the last few years, with the Australian Government issuing documents informing migrants that in Australia Violence is not tolerated especially to women and children. However, migrants are still some of the most at risk individuals. With many being held ransom by their partners with the fear of losing their visa and being forced out of Australia. Australian Migration Law allows for victims of domestic violence in Australia to obtain permanent residency in some cases, ask us how if you are experiencing domestic violence.

In Australia abusive relationships that degrade women or men are not tolerated. Domestic violence is not just physical hitting or yelling, it can be controlling and demanding behaviour that restricts an individual from exerting their free will, it can be manipulation, and abuse of other family members and children. In fact, it is any thing that can cause a person to feel a fear for their own security, that of their property or their family members.

In 2015, the Australian Government launched a campaign to give pre-departure packs to all women migrating to Australia on partner reunion and proposed marriage visas from countries such as China, Afghanistan and India, showing what domestic violence looks like and letting them know that Australia does not tolerate this behaviour.

An extract from these packs states "Family violence is not only hitting. It can mean yelling aggressively, threatening the children, controlling the family’s money or stopping the partner from seeing friends and family, The police in Australia are safe and can be trusted. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger talk to the police or call them on 000.”

Often Migrant women are too scared to confront violent behaviour from their partners because of cultural traditions or a fear of losing their Australian Visas. It is advised that women who are in abuse relationships seek help.

In Australia, the Migration Act has family violence provisions that allow certain people applying for permanent residence in Australia to continue with their application after the breakdown of their married or de facto relationship, if they or a member of their family unit have experienced family violence by their partner.The provisions were introduced in response to concerns that some partners might remain in an abusive relationship because they believe they may be forced to leave Australia if they end their relationship.

If you are in a abusive relationship and are only staying with your abusive partner because you are afraid of losing your visa contact Sophos Migration Specialist and I will see what I can do for you. I have helped a couple of women over the last few years with domestic violence cases and stand firmly against violence against women.

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