FAQ - I want to Study in Australia, How do I Apply for a Student Visa?

Many international students are coming to Australia because of the career opportunities qualifications gained in Australia provide worldwide.

There are many student visa subclasses which have different application requirements. Furthermore, each country is assigned an Assessment Level (1-3) which determine the what documents, assessments and other evidence needs to be provided with the application.

The major steps for applying for a student visa are:

  • Select your course and institution - There are many different courses for just about anything available in Australia from numerous different institutions. When selecting your course make sure that you are eligible to obtain a student visa (e.g. finances and English skills) and that the course and institution is registered with CRCOS to be able to take on international students.

  • Enrol into the course - You will need to apply, be given a Letter of Offer (LoO), accept the Letter of Offer, make a deposit and be given a Certificate of Enrolment (CoE).

  • Get Health Insurance - You will need to have an approved health insurance cover (Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC) to obtain your CoE.

  • Fill out the Visa Application Forms, Attach Documents and Lodge - Apply for a student visa using the correct forms, documents including CoE and payment.

The documentation process can be confusing, especially for assessment level 2 and 3 students, for this reason it would wise to contact a registered migration agent such as myself for advice and assistance.

I can help you design a study pathway that suits you. In addition to this, I can also help you get in contact with an education agent that can enrol you into a registered course for no additional cost!

Anna Molina (MARN 1461034)

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