General Visa Application Process

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Sophos Migration Specialist can  provide you with  a free online assessment. The assessment takes into account a high level overview of your situation and gives you an idea of what visa options you may have.

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 However, keeping strictly to the Code of Conduct, we cannot give you exact, detailed and actionable advice until we delve deaper into the specifics of your personal case. In order to provide you this, you will need to:


        1. Provide us a more in depth details of your circumstances via an interview (face-to-face/ phone/email)

        2. Complete Form 956 to appoint us as your Registered Migration Agent to give you migration advice.

        3. Sign our Agreement of Services and Fees form.

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If after receiving the initial assessment, you choose to get support by Sophos Migration Specialist, you will need to authorise the agreement of services and fees documents and make the agreed investment amount.


A detailed interview with your Registered Migration Agent (RMA) will reveal what you need exactly. Once you have chosen your option, strategic plan, timeline and document checklists will be given to you. Your RMA will assist you in processing and preparing those documents. 

Your Registered Migration Agent will assist you in your visa application assembly, making sure everything is correct and well presented, including current forms, valid documents and valuable evidence.

Your Registered Migration Agent will also lodge the visa for you, be it online, by mail, or by giving it to the Immigration Office. We will communicate directly to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and explain in details any communications that occured. This takes away the stress of confusion and not understanding what is happening.

After your visa has been lodged, DIBP will issue a receipt of payment and a receipt of valid visa application. This means your visa is currently being processed.


When DIBP has make a decision on your visa application, we will notify you, providing all the documents and also explain to you the details of the visa grant. This includes visa conditions, consequences of breach of conditions and expiry.


Review Tribunal Appeal Application

Receiving a visa refusal or a visa cancellation from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection can be a distressing experience. Depending on your case, you may have between 7 – 21 days to appeal or leave Australia. This step is crucial as it will be in your visa history and will affect your further visa applications.


Eligible visa refusals/cancellations are able to be appealed to the Migration Review Tribunal. There will be a formal legal submission and attendance at the hearing. This is your second chance to make sure you get everything right.


Ministerial Intervention Appeal

After receiving a decision from the Review Tribunal not in your favour, you can make a request for ministerial intervention on limited circumstances. However, the Minister only intervenes in a relatively small number of cases and you should not rely on this pathway. 

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